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The enterprise culture

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Take "people" as the principle of employing people 

 We welcome you to join us as our master. The mode of democratic management will grant the staff the most rights and provide you with broad space for development。You are respected here first and foremost。

Take "virtue" as the management idea

  Customer demand is our pursuit, quality is our guarantee to you, safety, comfort, smile, kindness is our service to you。


Take "green" as this commodity idea

  Advocate green consumption, pay attention to people's health。


1. Common goal: to build a first-class business brand。

2, brand commitment: quality, money saving, super - expected service

3, employing mechanism: disguised horse racing, survival of the fittest

4、Rui si,人员应具备的三种意识:A、竞争意识;B、责任感意识;C、使命意识。

5, business strategy: quality of survival, innovation and development

Enterprise philosophy: to be a conscience enterprise, casting honest brand

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